English Medium School, bithoria bypass, Laldath Road Haldwani Contact : Mrs Shanti Jeena, 9897124424, 05946-220102
Our Aim

The aim of education could be to help a child grow to his full nature that is the physical, emotional and intellectual aspect of man. The portals of L.F.S. are meant to fill the mind of the child with noble thoughts, heart with noble impulses and joy of laughter to immerse his/her spirit in simplicity and fear of god.
The aim of “Little Flower” is to inspire and stimulate the imagination and literary and artistic talents of the students; therefore this venture is not a ‘Generous Contribution’ but a ‘Committed Desire’ to grow.

              “Fear of God is the begining of all knowledge

This fear of God must be the basic virtue, the ultimate outcome of the educative process, we strive for.

              Notice Board
  Rules and Regulations

- Children must be punctual and attend school neat tidy in proper school uniform

- Children must come to school with their lessons well prepared, their home work completed and with the school calendar daily (diary).

- Any reported or observed behavior of an objectionable kind even liable to disciplinary action

Summer (April to October)

7:30 am to 11:30 am(Nursery+ L.K.G)
7:30 AM TO 12:30 PM (U.K.G Onwards)

Winter (November to March)

8 am to 12 noon (Nursery + L.K.G.)
8 am to 1:00 pm (U.K.G. Onwards)
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