Haldwani | Nainital - Celebrations


Haldwani (Nainital) today has a mixed local populace. Kumaonis, Garhwalis and people from different parts of the country have settled down in the town to establish businesses, work as traders and service providers in sync with the rapid urbanisation of the town over the past two decades.


Consequently, different religious occasions are celebrated throughout the year, the thing to note being the active participation by locals across community and religious lines. A charcteristic of Kumaon, this has led to communal harmony and peace in Haldwani.


Among the major festivals celebrated here are :


Uttarayani - Celebrated on the occasion of Makar Sakranti (January 13-14) every year. A fair is also held in town to coincide with the Uttarayani celebrations.


Baisakhi - Celebrated with great pomp Baisakhi falls on April 14 th every year. Sikhs visits gurdwaras (Sikh temples) and listen to kirtans (religious songs) and discourses.


Diwali - Deepawali or Diwali, the most pan -Indian of all Hindu festivals, is a festival of lights symbolising the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness. Diwali is celebrated 20 days after the festival of Dussehra in the months of October - November.


Dussehra - Dussehra (tenth day) is one of the significant Hindu festivals, celebrated with much joie de vivre in the entire country. The occasion marks the triumph of Lord Rama over the demon king, Ravana, Large effigies of Ravana are built and sweets are served.


Holi - The festival of Holi is celebrated on the day after the full moon in early March every year. Originally a festival to celebrate good harvests and fertility of the land, Holi is now known as the 'festival of colours'. Revelers play with colours and 'bhang' a locally made intoxicant is consumed.



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