Haldwani | Uttarakhand

Shri Vishva Prangana Ayurved Clinic Haldwani

Nadi Vaidya Dr. Rahul Gupta is Founder of Shri Vishva Prangana Ayurveda Clinic. It is the first and only authentic Maharashtrian Panchakarma centre in Kumaon region of Uttrakhand. The clinic has a team of vastly experienced, and highly skilled doctors. Clinic provides holistic treatment for Piles,Eye disorders, Male and Female Infertility, Gastric disorders, Joint disorders, kidney disease, skin disorders, allergic conditions, PCOD, menstrual disorders, obesity, disc prolapse etc. Clinic provides self prepared medicines along with an authentic Nadi parikshan (pulse diagnosis) for pinpoint diagnosis and effective treatment. Clinic is serving and helping thousands of patients to regain there original healthy living.

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